Android 4.3, A Sweeter Version Of Jelly Bean For Android Application Developers

23/09/2013 10:08
Android 4.3 has come with good news for the Android application developers who are spending their greater time to find out some new tools and techniques to make their Android app development project unique and innovative for the modern folks. Among the many new features, Android developers are...

DiscountON—A Revolutionary Discount Coupon System through Android Application Development

19/07/2013 10:33
It is true that the daily deal is the invention of Groupon, but its policies are not much getting favor, neither in the business groups, nor amongst the users. There are extreme compulsions on the businesses to reduce their prices that sometime reaches to the negative level so once business...

Android App Developer India—Sheer Rise in Demand

20/06/2013 10:33
When you dig the statistics of the geographical distributions of the various mobile platforms you may realized that Apple is covering mainly US and Europe and somewhat Australia, but Android is ubiquitous and rests have quite low share in the market. Android has big presence in India and China, the...